The RIOA, through its Board of Directors, wishes to congratulate the following RIOA members on their respective membership milestones. 

Member Name Award Year
Carl David Corrow, O.D. 25
Michael A Saccucci, O.D. 45
Stephen A Remsbecker, O.D. 45
William W St. Vincent Jr., O.D. 45
Alerino M Iacobbo, O.D. 50
Stewart Martin Rosenfeld, O.D. 50

RIOA / AOA - Advancing Optometry

The last of four State Government Rleations Committee Regional Meetings concluded last week with a clear and distinct message -  Optometry is on the move! 

Be on the lookout for important announcements and meetings designed to listen to member needs and wants. 

** The original taping of this edition of Talk with Tim could not be uploaded due to the size of the file.  We re-recorded the video on 9/20/22. 

ABB Released Its Web-Based Ordering Platform today - August 29, 2022

RIOA members support RI Advocacy efforts in a number of ways. We thank those members who have supported our efforts this year with both their time and treasure! 2022 is an election year and we need to bolster our coffers!

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If you have not donated to RIOA-PAC in 2022, we kindly ask that you do so soon.HAVE YOU UPDATED YOUR "FIND A DOCTOR" PROFILE RECENTLY?

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