MA Glaucoma Certification - Quick, easy steps

Follow these steps; The RIOA makes it easy for you.

To achieve glaucoma and oral reciprocity one needs to fill out an application, have a "letter of good standing" sent directly from Rhode Island to the MA Board which in this case means a verification of licensure, and provide the MA Board a copy of the laws under which we practice.

Regarding the Glaucoma and Oral TPA Certification Application; fill out the top, check off Reciprocity/Endorsement entering the state and year you were first licensed, then sign and date on the last page. It has to be mailed to the address at the end of the form.

Fill out the Letter of License Verification and mail it along with a bank check or money order for $50 (no personal checks) to the RI Department of Health address on the form. The form is pre-filled out with the name and address to whom the RI Department of Health must send the form to in MA.

Even though MA already has a copy of our laws from many of us, each applicant must send in their own copy (provided below).

We would recommend emailing the boardabout the application status a week or two after mailing it so that they already have it and will know who you are when you contact them, and to then reply back with the copy of the laws attached as they likely would have asked you for that in their reply as others were. There is a PDF here of those laws that applicants have used for this purpose.

The email to use for the MA Board is

The process seems to take about 6-8 weeks or so, is straight forward without any hurdles and you get a nice diploma sized certificate with a shiny gold seal once reciprocity is given.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Here are the files needed:

Topical and Oral Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents and Glaucoma Certification Initial Application

Rhode Island Letter Of License Verification

Rhode Island Glaucoma Amplification Law

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