I Care Co-op

Through volume discount pricing, negotiated rebate and incentive programs and our exclusive Revenue Sharing Program (RSP now known as RSP+), our locally- and member-owned buying group continues to live up to its motto: Built for ODs, by ODs.

The I Care Co-op - Est. 1984

The I Care Co-op is a true co-operative of independent optometrists (55 offices) who, by their membership, help chart the direction of the buying group. Our members  are currently located in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Southeastern Massachusetts.

That's not to say that we are opposed to expanding our reach and our services to you and your practice.  For independent optometrists who value the importance of "organized optometry," the I Care Co-op may be your best, most cost-effective, fit!

What makes us unique?

In addition to the unique ICC offerings and growth programs as well as many standard buying group discounts, the I Care Co-op has developed and built out an exclusive Revenue Sharing Program. Now called RSP+, the program separates us from many of our "competitors." 

RSP+ incentivizes Co-op members to utilize the ICC each month.  We then share our "profit" with the participating members; in doing so, our collective buying power increases, allowing us to continuously work for very competitive and exclusive ICC programs and benefits.

Suffice it to say, the Co-op, through its deep-rooted ties with many independent ODs, plays a huge role in the lives of our members and their respective practices.  Join our Co-operative and we'll do the same for you!

As a successful optometrist, you have many buying group options.  Ours is independent, unique and having been built by (and for) optometrists like you. 

There is no ivory tower from which we perch and every member is treated the same.  Ours is a fairly unique story.  We'd love to share it with you in the hopes of growing together. 

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