December 2023

New, local, independent lab delivers exclusive offer to ICC members!

  • In state, independent lab
  • Locally owned 
  • Faster turnaround time (2-4 days in lab with premium AR) 
  • Full service, in house processing and fabrication - key - NO outsourcing
  • Full menu of lab services and high end lens technology at all price points 
  • Rebate program - more robust with an additional $5 per pair offering over current program (with reduced prices the average savings per job = $8-9)
  • Reduced admin time of rebate program - EASY, one check each quarter with spreadsheet report by OSO
  • All powers, premium AR and edging included in pricing (released next week) 
  • 30% off list  
  • Uncut deduct $11 
  • Free trials to experience the technology
  • Advance tinting services 
  • Practice Brand Building Tools-Private label advance lens technology for YOUR practice, increase capture rates and secure business - patients can't find your lens designs on-line. Brand lenses with YOUR name. 
  • Plus 3% to I Care Co-op. These monies will be rolled into the RSP+ program on a 1:1 basis, meaning if you earned it, you get it... dollar for dollar.
  • Frame and package programs - COMPETE and WIN with this amazing tool  
  • For an account ordering 3k per month, the practice will receive an additional lab credit to place towards an iPad with an advanced lens selling app tool, and training to drive profits

Quality, service and pricing are the key tenets of a truly successful lab program. We invite you to explore this new Co-op offering!

ICC Ocean State Optical Price List - Coming Soon

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(Excerpted from the ICC Annual Report presented at the 2022 Annnal Meeting)

ESCROW - The RSP+ works hardest for those offices with fully funded Escrow Account (escrow monies = an average month’s bill).  For those offices choosing to take part in the RSP, 2 percent of your monthly bill is charged up and to the point the office is “fully funded.” It is also important to remember that Escrow dollars are your money and can be withdrawn, without penalty, at any time.

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