The Rhode Island Optometric Association is truly a special organization.Dr. Brian Kiley

As the RIOA president, I have had the opportunity to attend many regional and national meetings on behalf of the profession. Over this time, I have grown to appreciate just how unique we are.

It may be because we have a tradition of success in this state, with the first diagnostic pharmaceutical bill. It may be because so many of our members continue to carry on the legacy of practices founded by doctors before them. It could be due to our small size which fosters a greater bond between doctors. One thing’s for sure: We have the most dedicated volunteers focused on the greater good and the Association’s goals that I have ever seen.

We’re blessed to have so many good and talented people within our ranks!

Optometry is a regulated profession that faces challenges on a seemingly daily basis. Scope of practice regulations are always going to be a challenge as we continue to strive to practice to the full scope of our training. Online retailers masquerading as telemedicine attempt to disrupt existing and effective doctor patient relationships though the marketing of unproven technologies. Insurance companies continue to strive to lower their costs by decreasing reimbursement and narrowing panels.

These are just a few of the reasons why participation in this Association is more important than ever before. We are lucky to have to foundation that those who have come before us have built. It is our time to chart the direction of this important Association on behalf of our shared profession. Thank you for your support.

Brian Kiley, OD
RIOA President