TPBAs RIOA Executive Director, my job is to ensure that the profession of optometry is best positioned to seize opportunities and simultaneously defend itself from unscrupulous, annual and dangerous threats.

On the national level, I often work with similarly-committed AOA staff members focused on state and federal advocacy efforts.  I can state without reservation that what the RIOA does for you in Rhode Island, AOA is doing the same for you nationally.  It is a first-class organization led by member-doctors - just like you - who have lent their time and talents to your shared profession.

I attend AOA meetings proud to be from Rhode Island because we, as an Association, are strong and resolute in our shared and important mission.   Rhode Island, after all, has a long and storied history of sending forward thinking and effective leaders to help chart the future of the profession nationally.  I'm blessed to work with really smart and passionate people who have a long-standing track record of success and who look for even more!

Think about it: In the 70s, Rhode Island shaped the debate on the profession's ceiling - by blasting through it!  In the 80s, optometry was recognized by the federal government for its crucial role in quality health care. It's likely no accident that it was Rhode Island's Dr. David Ferris who served as AOA President during that time.   

Everyone who moved the optometric needle in the '70s, '80s and '90s have directly impacted the profession today. Your ability to provide first-class eye care to the patients entrusted to you is due, almost entirely, to the RIOA/AOA. 

Come to an RIOA function and you'll see a new generation of doctor-volunteers who have picked up the optometry's baton and are running with it.  They cannot, however, do it alone and we're always looking for help to get the important work of our Association done.

Volunteerism within the RIOA is fun; we work together, we collect accomplishments and we do it as a team. 

Please consider volunteering your time and talents.  

Of course, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (401) 949-0433 or via email.


Timothy P. Bonin
Executive Director