Our Association is led by a group of committed volunteers who serve as Officers, Directors and Chairs of our various committees.  Our leadership is charged with ensuring the stated goals of the Association become reality.  As an Association reliant on volunteers, we are indebted to them for their willingness to lead.  

2022 Leadership


Katy Abarr, OD President
Maria Jablonski, OD President-elect
Steve Montaquila, OD 1st Vice President
Greg Levin, OD 2nd Vice President
Robert Parks, OD Immediate Past President
Kirsten Healey, OD Secretary
Steven Santos, OD Treasurer

Board of Directors

Kriti Bhagat, OD
Bryanna Caron, OD 
Jeff DePaolo, OD 
Lori Duquette, OD 
Amy Falk, OD 
Laura Lakin, OD 
Dawn O'Shea, OD
Jad Osmanski, OD

3rd Party Committee

Greg Levin, OD, Chair
Stephen Montaquila, OD   

Communications Committee / Press Contact

Paul Zerbinopoulos, OD - 401-272-2110   

Continuing Education Committee

Dawn O'Shea, OD, Chair
Elissa Contillo, OD
Lori Duquette, OD  
Amy Falk, OD

Member Relations Committee

Kirsten Healey, OD, Chair   
Katy Abarr, OD
Jeffrey DePaolo, OD
Maria Jablonski, OD

State Government Relations

Stephen Montaquila, OD, Chair
Maria Jablonski, OD
Brian Kiley, OD
Paul Zerbinopoulos, OD    

Platinum Partners

Gold Partners

Silver Partners